Aug. 20th, 2016

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I hope I have finally put my cold behind me. *knocks on wood*

Today's going to be a busy day - starting in half an hour, I'll be going from one appointment to the next, until 10pm tonight. So I'll try and get some more done on that character arc sheet right now. That way I can at least think about the story while I'm away from the computer.

ETA: The character arc happened and is now up to date. I'm going to count this even though I didn't manage to turn it into any actual words for the story. But I can tackle that tomorrow.

I'm glad to hear that you are doing well (and trobadora is still hanging in there. Best wishes to you!). miss_morland has finished her thesis and started on new fic, auroracloud is writing her novel full steam ahead, and navaan is still writing on her own and checking in every few days. esteliel is working on an exchange fic due in four weeks.

I haven't heard from avon in two days, but it was a hot and busy week. She's been steadily writing on her novel, too.

What's up with you, [ profile] afrozenflowerr, [ profile] plaid_slytherin, and [ profile] zippitgood?


Table tally

Day #20: [ profile] afrozenflowerr, [ profile] auroracloud, [ profile] esteliel, [ profile] fan_girlishness, [ profile] plaid_slytherin, [ profile] trobadora (6 of 10)

You can join, drop in, and drop out anytime!


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